Welcome to our Sunday services! Below are selections from our last several services, including sermons/reflections, readings, and in-depth discussion with our speaker about the service theme. If you like what you see, we hope you will join us any Sunday at 11am!

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Earth Day Sunday
Rev. Schuyler Vogel
April 18, 2021

Join us as we celebrate Earth Day and our commitment to a healthy planet! We’ll dive deeper into the motivations behind early environmentalists, reflect on how their motivations impact ours today, and explore the moral and spiritual questions these motivations raise. After the service, join us for a special program led by our Environmental Justice Team that explores local and national efforts to reduce earth destroying plastics!

Grounded Hope
Rev. Emily DeTar Birt
April 11, 2021

Hope has been used in faith as an aspiration and a bedrock. And if not grounded, it can be the sugary sweet Pollyanna phrases people use, that don’t soothe or heal the wounds of the past nor carry forward the work of the future. What does it look like to make hope something grounded, both in the lived injustice of life and in the possibility of the future?

Easter 2021
The Worship Arts Team
April 4, 2021

Welcome to a new season – the earth is reborn with the spring, our Christian heritage celebrates the resurrection of the child of all that is holy at the same time our Jewish ancestry tells the story of liberation and it’s cost. We stand in a time and a place that brings together these events of the past as we look to the future together.


Mission, Vision and Who We Are Now
Ember Kelley, Director of Religious Education
March 21, 2021

Join us as we explore and revise our mission statement and ensure that it represents our values in 2021. Come to learn more about who we are and come to share your thoughts and ideas as we begin the rewriting process! 


All Bound Up Together
Rev. Schuyler Vogel, Rev. Lane Campbell, Rev. James Galasinski
March 21, 2021
As we see the faults of American individualism we can lean into the wisdom of activists and Unitarian Universalists who teach us that our liberation is bound up with each other. After all, we are “one great bundle of humanity.” Join the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York, the First Universalist Church of Rochester, and the UU Church of Canton as we explore contemporary Universalism.