Welcome to our Sunday services! Below are selections from our last several services, including sermons/reflections, readings, and in-depth discussion with our speaker about the service theme. If you like what you see, we hope you will join us any Sunday at 11am!

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Wonder as a Spiritual Virtue
Olas Carayannis, Guest Speaker
July 18, 2021

Wonder and awe are more than just emotions, they are spiritual dowsing rods that help align our bodies, minds, and spirits to be in right relation with the world. Job, of Biblical fame, describes his soul as a harp that has been tuned to mourning. The pandemic has tuned our heart’s to mourning and as we re-emerge to family, sanctuaries, restaurants, and hugs, we need more than ever to cultivate in ourselves the practices that leave us open to awe and wonder in the world in order to survive.


Silly Octopus 
Rev. Rachael Hayes, Guest Speaker
July 11, 2021

What can an unexpected encounter with an octopus teach us about living wholeheartedly? And what might Ralph Waldo Emerson and poetic theater have to do with it? Please join us for a service that is silly, soulful, and meets you where you are.


Fourth of July: Nostalgia and Reality
Rev. Beth Putnam, Affiliate Minister
July 4, 2021


LGBT Pride: The Fight Continues
Rev. Mark Cutolo, Summer Minister
June 27, 2021

In remembrance of the Stonewall Riots, which have been described as the start of the liberation movement for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people in the United States, we’ll gather to celebrate past accomplishments and renew ourselves for all that is to come.


Being Both
Rev. Sana Saeed, Guest Speaker
June 20, 2021

What is a Muslim doing working at a church? A question Sana received frequently while working at the UU Church of Arlington, VA. Today there are more people identifying as UU Muslim. Join her to explore how we make room for interfaith families and people identifying as multi-religious in our community as we reflect on the theme of beloved community.