There are many rewarding ways to serve the congregation. Below are a list of teams, committees, roles and positions that work together to support the ministry and mission of Fourth Universalist. If you have found a home with us, we hope you will take part in one or more. Please feel welcome to be in touch with any of the contacts listed below.

Welcome Team
Dedicated to helping visitors and guests feel at home, as well as nurturing the needs of the existing membership.
Contact: Soyal Smalls,Director of Membership and Hospitality

Hospitality (not active during the pandemic)
Following worship each week, our congregation gathers for coffee and conversation downstairs in the fellowship hall. Hosts take responsibility for that Sunday’s preparation, usually including beverages and snacks. Contact: Soyal Smalls, Director of Membership and Hospitality SIGN UP HERE to HELP WITH COFFEE HOUR

Religious Education Team
Committed to providing quality religious education for our children and our youth. They oversee Sunday morning classes, childcare, and our youth group.
Contact: Ember Kelley, Director of Religious Education:

Teachers and Youth Advisers
Religious education is invaluable to children and youth. Teachers and youth advisers are an essential part of our team. Each work with our Director of Religious Education and Youth Coordinator to lead lessons and develop programming.
Contact: Ember Kelley, Director of Religious Education:

Worship Arts Team and Worship Associates
Works with the minister to provide quality and inspirational worship throughout the year. Designs and leads worships, recruits pulpit guests and reflects on the principles and practices of worship.
Contact: Rev. Schuyler Vogel,, Nancy Robillard, Chair of Worship Arts,

Music and Choir
Our music program is diverse with many ways to contribute. Join our choir, play an instrument, learn to sing, help make our worship shine. Our Choir typically gathers at 10am every Sunday before worship to practice, and meets online during the pandemic on Thursday evenings . All are welcome!
Contact: Sean Mayes, Director of Music:

Caring Team
At Fourth Universalist, we take care of each other. If someone needs support, our community does what it can to help. Sometimes this means making and providing food, sending cards, offering rides or simply sitting and listening. The Caring Team works with the minister to identify these needs and how best to meet them.
Contact: Rev. Schuyler Vogel, Senior Minister:

Finance and Stewardship Committees
The financial resources of the congregation are what allow us to continue our ministries together. The Stewardship and Finance Committees helps with the budget, coordinates annual giving and fundraising, and ensures that our finances are in good hands.
Contact: Jon Arancio, Chair of Finance

Justice Team
Join Fourth Universalist activists who organize around immigration, environmental justice, racial justice, and democracy. Contact: Eileen Jarret and Brian Kramer,

Building and Grounds
Helps maintain, preserve and improve our building and grounds.
Contact: Sheila Powers, Director of Administration:

Board of Trustees
The overall governing body of the congregation. Meets once monthly. Meetings are open to the membership, unless otherwise noted. Minutes are posted follow every meeting. Board members are elected at our annual meeting in June.
Contact: Spencer Salzberg, Board President