Sunday May 8, 2022 “Love Conquers All” Rev. Schuyler Vogel

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  1. thanks to Reverend and to Heather for convo, and i very much appreciate the urge to reduce complexities of faith, love, hope, behaviors to either/or. For me what was important in the message about Devon was centered in 1)the ways I identified with him, imagined him as 27, remember the moments of kindness that brought/bring me back to the self I want to bee and 2)the fact that it was only one month in Devon’s life, Schulyer’s life and yet…that experience still informs at last Schulyer’s life (and thus mine). I can hope and dream and imagine how it might inform Devon’s and how he might be relying on what he took from that month to live his life/act toward others. What else do we have when you come right down to it?

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