To make your pledge, click here and fill out our online pledge form.


Dear Members and Friends,

We are pleased to resume our first Stewardship Campaign since the pandemic. Thank you for your financial support over the last few years, even without our campaign efforts.

Your support helps our programs thrive—whether it is Religious Education for children and adults, our music ministry or the Democracy Team’s postcards to voters. We continue to see improvements made to our beautiful and historic church with the help of your donations. Let’s work together for the success of our Stewardship Campaign by having each member pledge during the month of April.

An increased gift would be especially helpful this year. We have lost much of our event rental income because of the drop off in event rentals due to the pandemic and staff costs have risen due to inflation. In addition, a newly negotiated lease, due to changes in the real estate market, led to a decrease in annual income and new (short-term) brokerage fees. Our ministry team has responded with judicious cuts, and your additional, generous gift would help ensure our financial health into the future.

Giving Guide: Not sure what’s an appropriate amount?
While we can’t tell you how much you should give, we can provide you with some benchmarks. The UUA’s Suggested Contribution Guide suggests a progressive goal of pledging between 2% and 10% of your adjusted income, as you feel able and feel called to do. Presently, pledges are only about 11% of our operating income. Our goal-together with membership growth – is to move towards increasing pledges and achieving a sustainable financial future for our congregation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pledging

  • What is a pledge?
    • A pledge is your financial commitment to give a certain amount of money to Fourth Universalist during the upcoming fiscal year. (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025)
  • Do I need to be a member to make a pledge?
    • Anyone may make a commitment to Fourth Universalist, member or not. Those who donate but choose not to become members are known as “friends.”
  • Are financial contributions to Fourth Universalist tax deductible?
    • Yes! Contributions are deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines.
  • How do I make a pledge?
    • You may make a pledge using any of the following methods (only one method required):
      • Fill out this online pledge form
      • Pick up a physical copy of the pledge form at the back of the sanctuary during Sunday Service and submit completed pledge forms in the collection plate during service or hand them into the church office.
      • Visit our Giving page on our website and enter your pledge amount on the “Fourth Universalist Pledge FY 24/25” line.
      • Pledge forms may also be mailed to the Fourth Universalist office:
        Fourth Universalist Office
        160 Central Park West
        New York, NY 10023
If you would like or need to change the amount of your pledge, please just let us know by calling our office at 212-595-1658 ex.10 or sending an email to All conversations are confidential and judgment-free.

No matter what you are able to give, we are grateful to have you part of our community. Fourth Universalist is a place for everyone, regardless of financial status or ability to give. Thank you for everything you are, and all the many gifts you share with us!