At Fourth Universalist, we celebrate and honor our relationship to the earth, the seasons, and the passing of time. To do so, we mark each solstice and equinox, corresponding to the beginning of each season. We invite you to join with us to welcome each as it begins, and honor the lessons and wisdom that comes from the wheel of the year.

Each service takes place in the evening in our main sanctuary. Unlike on Sunday mornings, we gather in a circle, honoring the four directions and the symbolic cyclical nature of the seasons. Services typically involve music and song, ritual, readings and poetry, silence and meditation, and invitations to reflect.

All are welcome, regardless of belief or background. Whether you are a Unitarian Universalist, a pagan, a practitioner of earth-centered spirituality, a witch, or someone who just loves the seasons and wants a deeper connection with the earth, we hope you will feel at home with us. Come as you are!

All services are offered in-person in our main sanctuary (76th and Central Park West) and on zoom at this link.

To learn more or to reach out with questions, we invite you to email our Worship Arts Team at We’d love to hear from you and welcome you to our celebration of the seasons.