Greening Our Money

Socially responsible investing and shareholder activism advance UU values in the world.

Unitarian Universalists have a history of putting their money where their values are. So perhaps it’s not surprising that support for ethical investment practices among UUs is overwhelming.

The UU Common Endowment Fund (UUCEF) manages about $265 million in UU assets, of which about half are Unitarian Universalist Association funds and half are investments by local UU congregations. Since 2009, the endowment has filed fifty-five resolutions at corporations it holds stock in, seeking climate commitments, protecting LGBTQ+ rights, requesting disclosures of data on race and employment, and more.

With this fund, the UUA seeks both to earn a positive return on investment and advance core UU values through three main strategies: investment selection, corporate shareholder engagement, and community investing. The service enables congregations to build a diverse portfolio rooted in UU ethics that would be financially impractical to achieve individually.


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