We understand that things are still challenging with concerns over COVID variants. We have developed a plan that provides the best educational experiences. 

You can register for the educational year here 


Our Plans For the Year

From August through December, we safely returned to in person multi-platform learning. We have temporarily moved to online learning only due to the Omicron Variant. We will be watching the public health situation and announcing a return when it is appropriate.

When we do return, we are requiring that all who attend Sunday Services wear masks. We are requiring that all of our RE Staff and Volunteers be vaccinated. Fourth Universalist has been working with an air balancing company and a mechanical engineer to make sure the air quality in our space is safe.  On the advice of our mechanical engineer we purchased high quality air scrubbers for the gym and sanctuary. A new HVAC system has been installed in all the classrooms, ensuring the classrooms provide safe air for all the individuals that use them. We are recruiting and scheduling volunteers so that we are having regular rotations. These precautions will position us to deal with the challenges of the upcoming year, and we are regularly checking in on best practices as the situations evolve with COVID.

For our Lower and Upper Elementary Students joining us online, this will be offered pre-service, using modified lesson plans and providing a place for community building online. You can join us Online on Sundays from 10-10:50 at: https://zoom.us/j/2900073260.  

During Service, we will have Time for All Ages. We aim this to be interactive and a learning experience for kids and the young at heart. This will continue online.

In person, this means that with young people remaining seated and also able to join in by Zoom. From there we will dismiss students to class for the remainder of the service. When in person, we will also continue to offer Nursery.


Our Youth Group, for grades 8-12 will be meeting online following the Time For All Ages at: https://zoom.us/j/2900073260.  


Our Classes

Nursery (In Person Only)

(Age 4 – 2nd Grade) Lower Elementary: Liberation Seeds

(3rd Grade -7th Grade) Upper Elementary: Justice Roots

(8th Grade to 12th Grade) High School:  Good Trouble 


Our Curriculum this year is based around our recent adoption of the 8th Principle, using the Soul Matters Curriculum, and will help us to understand what it means to be UU and what it means to live out our values. 


Volunteers Needed

Finally, we could use all hands on deck in helping make sure the programming is running smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering, please email re@4thu.org or check the box on the registration form to let me know you’d like to be part of our amazing team of volunteers.


Additional Content:

Check out our UU Principles Series for Kids: Here

Check out our Lego Stop Motion UU Sources Series: Here

In addition to our regular Sunday morning program, we are offering a Fourth Universalist Dungeons and Dragons program for our young people! Email re@4thu.org if you are interested in signing your child up!


We invite you to contact our Director of Religious Education, Ember Kelley at re@4thu.org with questions, or to learn more.