This is the archived page of our Digital Minimalism Journey through Lent that ran during Lent 2021.


Lent, the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter, is known in the Christian tradition as being a time to give up distractions and create focus and renewal in life. We acknowledge that our community is made up of people from various religious traditions or non religious perspectives, and also believe that most people find a desire or calling to simplify and renew during challenging moments in their lives. So in that spirit we offer this journey during the time traditionally marked as “Lent”.

This year, Lent falls between February 17th, 2021 and April 4th, 2021.

In a year that has focused so much on being online, our Religious Education team wanted to offer an experience for our community where we try and clear the clutter from our online focused lives. We are attempting to do that by practicing digital minimalism. You are invited to journey with our Director of Religious Education, Ember Kelley, in journeying towards digital minimalism by decreasing your screen time and working to break any smart phone and technology addictions.

You don’t need to be a member of Fourth Universalist to take part, or even attend service regularly. We welcome anyone that comes across this challenge to join us at any time as well. We aren’t having sign ups. We simply want to spread a bit of peace in this often un-peaceful time

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How to get started in Digital Minimalism – The FULL GUIDE!  (Video)

Six Ways to Reduce Screen Time (Video)

Daily Screen Time Tracking Sheet can be found here

“Could you live without a smartphone?” TED Talk- Anastasia Dedyukhina (Video)

Quit Social Media- a TED talk by Cal Newport, author of Digital Minimalism (Video)


Update Videos from Ember