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Voluble Minds:

Famous Philosophical Dialogues Adapted, Analyzed, and Read Anew

A new educational YouTube course developed by Assistant Director of Religious Education Colin Wulff

18 dialogues across 10 philosophers.

New videos released Tuesdays and Thursdays through the end of February.

Catch the full series here: https://4thu.org/special/voluble-minds/

Below see the latest episodes (17 and 18),  in which Denis Diderot’s Paradox of the Actor and George Santayana’s Dialogues in Limbo are discussed and read aloud. 


Dialogues in Limbo (George Santayana)

Skip introductory analysis, go straight to the dialogue: 12:58

Skip to post-dialogue reflection: 30:11


Paradox of the Actor (Denis Diderot)

Guest Reader: Katie Fanning

Skip introductory analysis, go straight to the dialogue: 10:29​

Skip to post-dialogue reflection: 25:35


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