Welcome to Youth Group Religious Education at Fourth Universalist!


Below are some helpful details about what to expect on Sunday mornings if you have children grades 7-12. For more in-depth information about the nature and goals of our program, as well as our philosophy of religious education, check out our overview page here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions (we are available by email at re@4thu.org). We hope to see you soon!

Our youth program serves grades 7 through 12.

In Building a Better World, Youth in Grades 7-12 can join lead teacher Alex Gordon in the Youth Group, which uses an RPG-based curriculum that will lead youth through creating a tabletop role-playing game setting as a faith development and community-building exercise reflecting Unitarian Universalist values. 

The Youth Group also has the opportunity to work alongside our Upper Elementary Students for learning opportunities.

In addition to regular Sunday morning programming, we offer several other programs for teens on a rotating basis. Our Coming of Age (COA) program is designed to honor the transition from childhood to adulthood. Students dive deep into life’s greatest questions, reflect on the place of Unitarian Universalism in their life, and are paired with an adult mentor. The program culminates with the creation of a “This I Believe” statement that articulates their religious perspective and is then shared in worship with the congregation.

A program we are working to offer in the coming years  is Our Whole Lives (OWL). Led by trained facilitators, OWL is a holistic, progressive, values-based program that explores sexuality for teens. Its goal is to dismantle stereotypes, build self-acceptance and self-esteem, foster healthy relationships, improve decision making, and has the potential to save lives. For more information, we encourage you to explore the program’s main page here. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming OWL Classes.

If you are new to Fourth Universalist and would like more information, if you would like to join our teaching team, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to Zachary Young, Director of Lifespan Religious Education at re@4thu.org.