Welcome to Fourth Universalist! Membership here symbolizes a deepening commitment and covenant with the congregation and the mission it serves. We are glad that you are interested in exploring membership and in joining our community. We have no creeds and welcome all who subscribe to the principles of free and open-minded religion.

If you are new to Fourth Universalist, there are many ways to become more familiar with our congregation and our guiding principles. We hope you’ll attend our worship on Sunday morning and participate in some of the many ministries here. If you feel that membership is right for you, we hope you’ll to follow these steps:

  • Speak with or contact our Director of Membership and Hospitality, Soyal Smalls. She can be reached at membership@4thu.org. She will invite you either to participate in a new membership class or to meet with her to talk further about Fourth Universalist and what membership means.
  • Offer a “donation of note,” symbolizing a commitment to the mission and life of the congregation. The Unitarian Universalist Association recommends that all members pledge 5% of annual income each year. Know that no matter what you pledge, you will be welcomed whole-heartedly and that all pledge numbers are kept private.
  • Sign our membership form, a moment of celebration and welcome, often performed during our Sunday worship.

Please feel free to be in touch with us with any questions. We’d love to hear from you.