On this page, you can find our educational resources about the 8th Principle. We adopted the 8th Principle at our Annual Meeting on June 13th 2021.

We invite you to begin by reading the introductory letter about the 8th Principle written by our past Senior Minister and Board of Trustees, found here. 

You are also welcome to read a short synopsis of the 8th Principle written by our Racial Justice Team, found here.

Finally, we hope you’ll check out the official “8th Principle” website, found here.

In Conversation with Bruce Pollack-Johnson, Co-Author of the 8th Principle

8th Principle Educational Video Featuring Our Former Senior Minister, Rev. Schuyler and Ember Kelley, DRE


Podcast Featuring Bruce Pollack-Johnson

From our Service on May 23rd, 2021

Information from our Racial Justice Team:

Graphics from our Newsletters