The touchstone of community

It’s going to take all of us to move our world, and our faith, forward in the ways of truth, compassion, and justice.


In early January, UUA staff from all over the country gathered in Boston for what is called the Big Alignment Meeting. It was wonderful to have almost all of the over 200 UUA staff together to reflect on our shared work and purpose. As we gathered for morning worship, the chapel at the UUA was overflowing. Our singing filled that space with joy, beauty, and power.

As part of worship, I told a story from an unknown author, called “The Touchstone.” In the story, a man learns of a stone that when it comes in contact with any metal will turn the metal to pure gold. The stone is said to be found on a stone-covered beach, and while it will look ordinary, when you pick it up, it will feel warm in your hand. The man immediately goes in search of the stone. Each day, he spends the entire day picking up stones, and when they are cold, he throws them into the sea (so as not to pick up the same stone twice). Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, he picks up stones and throws them into the sea. But one day, in the afternoon—after hours of throwing stones—he picks up a stone, it feels warm in his hand, and before he can stop himself, he throws it into the sea. So caught up in routine and habit, when he finally comes across what he has been looking for, he throws it away. READ MORE HERE

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