To make your pledge, click here, and select the “Fourth Universalist Pledge 2022-2023” option.


Each year during the spring, our congregation holds its annual Stewardship Campaign. As people who care about Fourth Universalist, the campaign is the time we make decisions about our financial support of the congregation. The money pledged is vital to sustaining and growing our community.

This year, because of the coronavirus crisis, the Stewardship Campaign will be different. We are going to do what many congregations do during normal times. We are simply going to roll over your pledge from this year into next year.

Each member and pledging friend will receive an email from our office sharing what your pledge for the 2021-2022 congregational year was. You will then have the opportunity to alter it for the 2022-2023 year. If you choose not to, we will assume that your pledge will remain the same.

Should you be interested in increasing your pledge, all increases will support a fund for members and friends of the congregation experiencing financial crisis and hardship. Your increased pledge would help make sure everyone can keep paying their rent, afford groceries and healthcare, and pay for other essential needs. If you can, we hope you will consider this additional gift. 
An increased gift would be especially helpful this year. We have lost much of our event rental income because of the pandemic and staff costs have risen due to inflation. In addition, a newly negotiated lease, due to changes in the real estate market, led to a decrease in annual income and new (short-term) brokerage fees. Our ministry team has responded with judicious cuts, but the fat in the budget is gone, at least until event rentals resume. Your additional, generous gift would help ensure we don’t have to cut into the meat – staff, music, religious education, and building.
If you would like or need to change the amount of your pledge, please just let us know by calling our office at 212-595-1658 ex.10 or sending an email to All conversations are confidential and judgment-free.
If alternatively, you should need financial assistance or have experienced a life change that impacts your ability to pledge, please reach out to our office staff at All requests are confidential, and the process is simple and compassionate. Please do not hesitate to contact us – we want to hear from you.

No matter what you are able to give, we are grateful to have you part of our community. Fourth Universalist is a place for everyone, regardless of financial status or ability to give. Thank you for everything you are, and all the many gifts you share with us!