160 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023 11am Every Sunday



Join us for religious education from 11am-Noon each Sunday! Children begin in worship and then following a story are sung out to their religious education classes. 

Religious Education (RE) at Fourth Universalist is directed by our professional religious
educator with assistance from volunteers in the congregation. Serving children from pre-k- grade 6, in a one-room schoolhouse format, the program incorporates a Children’s Chapel worship service and education on the religious traditions that inform Unitarian Universalism, including the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as religious humanism, pagan/earth-centered traditions and other major world religions. UU history is taught, with an emphasis on the idea that children are part of a living, growing tradition, and are making UU history, here and now! 

Children’s Chapel services incorporate meaningful rituals, including a water chalice, with981518_10151701089647783_1651640955_o sharing of joys and concerns, and a carrying of the chalice, with these words: “The joys and concerns of one are the joys and concerns of all. We carry each other’s joys and concerns in all of our hearts.” The worship time begins with a spoken affirmation, written, collaboratively, by the children. There is singing of UU and interfaith hymns, and the service closes with a spoken affirmation as well. The intention is to create sacred space and time, in which the children, and their grownup helpers, feel inspired, empowered and u

plifted, ready to carry their liberal religious values into the world, and make positive kids using hymnalchange. We are each other’s team-mates and we are all Super Hero(ines) on a sacred, joyful, amazing quest together! 

Religious Education lessons make use of readings from many sacred texts, as well as UU writers and thinkers, all in engaging, age-appropriate formats. Creative response activities include visual art and crafts, dramatic play, creative writing and storytelling, music and dance. The emphasis is on active, engaged learning, thinking and discovering one’s inner truth and personal passions. Children will also engage in social service and activism, with assistance and guidance from adults, as they feel called to do.