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Our Lay Leadership

Fourth Universalist lives through the dedication, passion and gifts of members and friends. We are governed democratically and locally, members of the congregation elect our board, hire our minister and staff, and work together to offer a powerful and engaging vision for the life of the community. While we are a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association, we are united by covenant and commitment, not by belief or hierarchy. In this way, those in our faith remain connected to each other while staying true to what makes each congregation special and unique.

All those at Fourth Universalist serve the greater mission that binds us together: to scatter and nurture the seeds of spirit, service and community. To fulfill this purpose our board, committees, teams, volunteers and staff work together both within our congregation and in the wider community. If you are interested in becoming involved at Fourth Universalist, either as a joyful participant or as a leader, we encourage you to let us know!


Erin E. White, President

Will Ashley, Vice President

Mike Weng, Treasurer

Katie Zaffrann, Clerk

Jon Berry, Member at Large

Liz Wolfe, Member at Large

Erin Bigelow, Member at Large

Church Council, Erin Bigelowoffice@4thu.org
Denominational Affairs, Ryan Novosielski, office@4thu.org
Finance and Stewardship, Jon Arancio, financecommittee@4thu.org
Hospitality, Katrina Maloney, hospitality@4thu.org
Membership, Rev. Mark Cutolo, membership@4thu.org
Religious Education, Camellia Jahanshahidre@4thu.org
Right Relations, Spencer Salzburg, rightrelations@4thu.org
Sustainability, Jim Maloney, sustainability@4thu.org
Transition Team, Liz Daleske, transitionteam@4thu.org
Worship Arts, Nancy Robillard, nancyrobillard@gmail.com