On the days I eat

Music is a spiritual discipline for me. And I only need to practice on the days I eat.


When I am filled with uncontainable joy, I laugh. It happens sometimes when I am listening to classical music, and the piece is like an old friend I’d almost forgotten until we meet again by surprise, and I discover she is even more delightful than I remembered.

When I was in my early forties, a piece of music on the radio changed my life. I don’t recall what it was, or whether I laughed when I heard it. But I do remember vividly that I was driving to work and listening to the music so intently that I don’t know how I stayed on the road. When it was over and I returned to earth, I thought, “In my next life, I’d like to play a musical instrument.” Almost immediately, a second thought occurred: “What about this life?” READ MORE HERE

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