This is no time for a casual faith

The president of the Unitarian Universalist Association reflects on the spiritual challenges of confronting the resurgence of American white nationalism.


This sermon was delivered June 24 at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in Kansas City.

My fellow Unitarian Universalists, it is such a joy to be with you this morning, to be called together once again. This General Assembly represents the completion of one year as your president—a role in which I was charged not just to be a leader but also to be a pastor in these difficult and painful times. I have experienced this first year as one filled with incredible gratitude, because it is a gift to serve our faith, but it has also been a time of enormous heartbreak and challenge and urgency, a time when we are called to bear witness to so much pain—and to make room in our bodies and our spirits to hold so much of our own pain. It is time to acknowledge the past we are coming from and to do the work that enables us to create a new story and a new way of being. READ MORE HERE.

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