160 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023 11am Every Sunday

May Sermons

Service starts at 11AM.  Childcare is provided during service.

May 7th – Youth Sunday
Youth Group, Mai-Len Kennedy, and Rev. Schuyler Vogel
Join us as our youth group leads us in worship. They have worked with our advisers and our ministers to craft a service on a theme chosen by them: the pressures we experience in our lives. Come support our teens, learn how the young generation understands the world, and reflect together on the pressures we all face.

May 14th – Our Divine Feminine
Rev. Schuyler Vogel
So much of religion, and life, is focused on masculinity. We talk about God as “he” and “him.” Today, as we honor Mother’s Day, we’ll explore why God must be bigger than one gender. We’ll explore the power and importance of the divine feminine and why everyone, regardless of gender, needs a God like that.

May 21st – Religious Education Sunday
Camellia Jahanshahi and Rev. Schuyler Vogel
Each year it is a tradition in our congregation to celebrate our children and all the work they have been doing in their religious education classes. Join us for this dynamic, multigenerational service full of story, song and ritual, including our annual Flower Communion, which honors the beauty of spring and the gifts we share.

May 28th – Navigating Privilege
Camellia Jahanshahi
To stay aware, be politically correct and act as an active source of positivity in our new political landscapes is a difficult and scary thing for everyone, regardless of where they come from. Today we’ll be talking about what it means to create space without erasing it for anyone else and explore how self care and reflection can make everyone a better ally in the fight for a more equitable existence.

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