Let’s ‘UU the Vote’

Susan Frederick-Gray


UU World Magazine Winter 2019

A parent recently shared that her son had gone by himself to a justice march in their city. When he got home, the first thing he said was, “Mom, I found our people! I found the UUs at the march.” He saw people in their yellow Side with Love shirts and quickly joined them.

Beyond Unitarian Universalist circles, one thing I hear consistently about us is that we show up. And right now, we need people who show up.

These are difficult and dangerous times. One of the challenges is that in times of change and uncertainty, there is a tendency for people to withdraw and grow fearful. This is why the rhetoric of hate, scarcity, and isolation grows in this country. However, it is exactly in such times that we need bold spiritual imagination and audacious leaders and communities that are showing a new way forward.

We are less than twelve months away from the most critical elections in our lifetimes. We must not be on the sidelines. Core Unitarian Universalist values—values of interdependence, democracy, human worth and dignity, the richness of pluralism and diversity, and the inborn right of all peoples to self-determination and agency—are on the line. When we show up as people of faith, with these values front and center, we are offering a viable alternative to narratives and policies of domination, supremacy, scarcity, and exploitation that threaten and diminish our lives and future.

Each of us will choose our candidates as individuals, but as a religious movement, we can organize for collective impact. In that spirit, I ask you to join me in our Association’s new electoral organizing campaign: “UU the Vote” (uua.org/UUtheVote).

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