Each Sunday, we offer two classes for elementary age children, one for early elementary and one for later. Classes are led by both professional educators and lay volunteers, with the goal of developing student’s curiosity, critical thinking, and wonder. Our programs use storytelling, personal sharing, song, role-playing, activities, mentoring, and discussion to explore personal feelings, moral issues, the world religious traditions and Unitarian Universalist values.

Children of all ages begin in worship and are invited early in the service to participate in a story told from the front of the sanctuary. Following the story, the congregation sings the children off their classes, which are located in the lower level. Visiting parents are welcome to join their children to experience the class, and all student will be escorted back to the sanctuary following the end of the class at noon.

Following the completion of sixth grade, students are encouraged to join our youth group for middle to high school teens. Click here for more information.

If you have questions about elementary school programming at Fourth Universalist, or simply want to get involved, we invite you to reach out to our Director of Religious Education at re@4thu.org.