In today’s world, activism is needed more than ever. At Fourth Universalist, we believe that real change comes from being organized, showing up, and building relationships, both within our community and beyond.

Our Rapid Response Team is essential to this work. Comprised of over one hundred members and friends of our congregation, participants receive notifications via email about important justice events throughout New York City. It is designed to organize more traditional activism like marches and voter registration drives, but also more immediate needs: some examples might include joining a vigil during an immigration raid, mobilizing help after a request for sanctuary at Fourth Universalist or participating in spontaneous protests like those at JFK airport following the travel ban.

If you are interested in joining the Rapid Response Team, please email our Senior Minister, Rev. Schuyler Vogel, at It is the best way to stay in touch about our justice work, and a great way to make a difference in our world.