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Donate to Stand Against Hatred With Fourth U

Where to donate to Stand Against Hatred With Fourth U.

Dear 4thU Community,
I am writing on behalf of the Board to share with you the outpouring of support that 4thU has received in the aftermath of the hate crime that occurred here two nights ago.
We have been inundated with support from the UU community.  Rev. Schuyler has received numerous calls from other UU ministers, including 4thU’s three previous ministers: Susan Milnor, Rosemary Bray McNatt, and Darrell Berger, as well as ministers at our neighboring UU congregations.  We’ve also been in contact with the UU Trauma Response Ministry, the UUA’s Director of Communications, and our Regional staff. 
There has also been a tremendous response on social media, with many individuals and congregations sharing our posts and offering support.  We have also received numerous calls, emails, and social media messages from individuals with no previous connection to our congregation who heard about has happened and want to offer their support. 
Additionally, our interfaith partners at Faith in New York have all been exceptionally supportive, as have our friends at the West End Synagogue.  They both plan to stand with us at the public event we are organizing for next week to recommit our building and stand publically against hatred and on the side of love (more details on that event to come!).  We’ve also been offered support by the JCC of Manhattan as well as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity.
We’ve also already received support from some of our elected officials, including Congressman Jerry Nadler’s office and The Center for Faith and Community Partnerships at the NYC Mayor’s Office.  4thU’s business partners have also been incredibly supportive, from MME’s immediate agreement to reschedule site visits to accommodate our Community Gathering to the heartfelt call we received from Paul Wolf of Denham & Wolf.   
The response we have received from the NYPD has been heartening.  They have acted swiftly to designate the vandalism a hate crime and have expressed their own anger and concern over what has happened.  The press has been similarly supportive, several articles have already been published online and local news stations have also come by to cover the story. 
Many people have been asking how they can support us financially.  We are fortunate that the cost to repair the actual physical damage is expected to be minimal.  So instead, we are asking people to stand with us against hatred by donating to support our social justice activities. We have just launched a campaign via NY Charities to facilitate donations.  

Here is where to donate for Stand Against Hatred with Fourth U.
In service,
Rev. Schuyler Vogel
The 4thU Board of Trustees
Erin White, President
Will Ashley, Vice President
Mike Weng, Treasurer
Katie Zaffrann, Clerk
Jon Berry, Member at Large
Erin Bigelow, Member at Large
Liz Wolfe, Member at Large

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