A just and loving world needs Unitarian Universalism.  It needs our gifts of labor, love,and money.  Without these, our vision can neither go out into the world, nor help to change it.

The remarkable thing about generosity is the amount of good that comes from the act of giving.  All of us have experienced that in one way or another.  As a congregation, we are called to do more, and to be more, both for ourselves and for others.

Our giving can help assure that the beacon of liberal religion will continue to shine brightly here at Fourth Universalist.  Our growing generosity will deepen our own spirituality, will enable us to move effectively into the future and will provide the basis on which we can offer more to more people. To give to Fourth Universalist, just follow the “Donate Here” button below and look for the general fund box on the following screen.


Sanctuary Donations: 
In March 2018, our congregation welcomed Aura Hernandez and her two children into sanctuary. Fearing a forced return to Guatemala, where her life would be in significant danger and she would separated from her family, Aura is working to secure a stay of deportation, have her immigration case re-opened, and secure a U-Visa. To learn more about her story, check out articles/interviews from the New York Times, The Nation, and Democracy Now! (here and here).

To support Aura and her family, we ask you to consider a donation to our sanctuary work and to Aura. To donate, please follow the “Donate Here” button above and look for the sanctuary box on the following screen. All donations go to support Aura and the costs of sanctuary. They include food, home supplies, helping cover rent for her family now that she is no longer able to work, car payments, health care costs, and discretionary funding for Aura herself. Costs total roughly $1,500 a month.

If you are able and willing, we hope you will give, as well as share this page on social media and through email to encourage your friends and your community to give too. This is one way for our neighborhood and city to come together and live out our shared values of family, compassion, and human dignity. Together we can make sure that Aura and her family know they are loved, cared for, and that we are doing everything we can to ensure their family is reunited and can return home.