At Fourth Universalist, we are committed to providing a rich array of educational programming for adults as well as children. Our adult educational programming covers topics as diverse as theology, racial justice, and physical health. We host panel discussions, author talks, guest lectures, workshops, classes, small group ministries, and more.

If you want your voice to be heard in the ongoing curation of adult programming, you can fill out this survey! And if you’d like to apply to lead adult programming, you can do so here!

Please direct any questions to DJ Cashmere, the Director of Religious Education, at* And please see below for our current and upcoming offerings!

*DJ will be on family leave from 12/20/19-3/15/20. Please direct your questions to Kait Scalisi at

One-Time Events

Fourth Universalist offers a variety of special educational events. Keep an eye on the space below to see what’s next!

Faithful Consent

Led by Kait Scalisi and Joshua Jarrett, this UUA-sourced workshop tackles the following: Why does consent matter? What are common myths about consent we need to let go? Discussions about the pervasiveness of sexual assault are more common in mainstream society. And there are multitudes of other ways consent is affirmed or brushed aside in our everyday lives. Faith leaders and justice activists say it’s time to talk about faithful consent. This is an opportunity for us to deeply examine where ideas about autonomy, safety, power, and intimacy intersect. Join us in creating a culture of consent! This workshop will be held on the afternoon 2/2 and again on the evening of 2/26. (Register for the 2/2 session here! Registration for 2/26 coming soon.) 

Limited-Run Classes

Throughout the year, Fourth Universalist hosts limited-run classes for intimate cohorts on a variety of subjects. Check the space below to see what’s next!

Building Your Own Theology

Adapted from a classic UU program and updated to meet the needs of Fourth Universalist, Building Your Own Theology will be led by our Senior Minister, Rev. Schuyler Vogel. The class is designed to facilitate reflection and learning about one’s spiritual beliefs, exploring big theological questions within a diverse classroom setting. It will run on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 PM in his study (in the church, above the kitchen) from 1/28-3/3, with a culminating dinner at the parsonage on 3/10. (Register here!)

Ongoing Programs

We recognize that not everyone can commit to a six-week or eight-week class, so we supplement those and our one-time events with ongoing programs.

Reflection Circles

Have you been looking for an opportunity to explore the Sunday service themes more deeply? Would you like to build community while sharing your thoughts  and hearing from others? Then please join us after our services for a Reflection Circle! Facilitated by an array of affiliate ministers, seminarians, worship associates, and other trusted leaders, Reflection Circles run each Sunday from 12:50 PM-1:20 PM at the front of the Sanctuary (near the altar). Reflection Circles provide members and visitors a chance to more deeply explore the thoughts and feelings that come up on Sunday morning.


Designed for those who are new to the congregation and those who want to know more about how we operate, Director of Membership and Hospitality Soyal Smalls coordinates monthly mini-orientations on the second Sunday of each month. Each mini-orientation takes on a new topic, from a tour of the building to a look at Fourth Universalist’s governance structures. Then, twice a year, those who have been taking part are invited to a New Member Class to learn about joining the congregation!

Spirit & Sounds Yoga

Come unwind and reset with us at our monthly Spirit & Sounds Sessions. The sessions feature gentle yoga, breathing exercises, guided meditation, and a soothing sound bath of singing bowls and chimes to envelop your body and mind in ease. Spirit & Sounds is led by special guest instructor Meghan Cornett-Mayes.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own yoga mat if you have one, as only a limited number of mats will be available for use. Feel free to bring a blanket and/or cushion for added comfort (optional but recommended). After an initial session in November (now passed), we will begin holding monthly sessions on first Sundays starting in January and running through June of 2020 in the Fourth Universalist sanctuary from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. You can send questions to Kait Scalisi at The dates are as follows: