You are warmly invited to join us each week for Sunday morning services beginning at 11AM. Childcare is provided along with religious education for children and youth ages 0-18. Hope to see you there!


April 4th at 7PM
Wednesday Evening Service
Rev. Schuyler Vogel, Senior Minister
An evening service to re-center ourselves during the week, connect more deeply with one another and deepen our spiritual exploration. We’ll explore a monthly spiritual theme together, sing and listen to music, hear reflections and readings, and share our joys and concerns of our lives. The theme for this month is adventure. We hope you’ll join us.

April 8th at 11AM
With All Good Intentions
Rev. Beth Putnam, Affiliate Minister
This upcoming week is the observance of Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Memorial. Unitarian Universalism as a liberal religious tradition sometimes struggles with the nature of Evil. Rev. Beth Putnam will reflect on how good intentions can create cataclysmic results, and how our focus on intent sometimes prevents us from seeing the evil humans create. But it does not have to be this way. By shifting our focus, focusing on seeing each other fully and clearly, we can move from good intention to good action.

April 15th at 11AM
Mentors and the Gifts they Give
Rev. Schuyler Vogel, Senior Minister
All of us have someone to thank for where we are today. This morning, we’ll explore the powerful role of mentors and wise elders who challenged us, supported us, and believed in us, even when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

April 22nd at 11AM
Our Interdependent Earth
Fourth Universalist Youth Adults
Fourth Universalist Society’s Young Adults Group leads this Earth Day worship service.Join us for centering and questioning, as we reflect on both actions and intentions. Lift up voices together to honor the interdependent web of all existence and the responsibility we all have as stewards of the planet.

Fourth Universalist Society’s Young Adults Group leads this Earth Day worship service.

April 29th at 11AM
Why We Need to Evolve and Fast
Rev. Schuyler Vogel
Human evolution over the past few million years has happened at a breathtaking pace. But even today, we face challenges that we are unequipped to handle – – especially psychologically and morally. Today we’ll talk about why and in what direction we need to go.