You are warmly invited to join us each week for Sunday morning services beginning at 11AM. Childcare is provided along with religious education for children and youth ages 0-18. Hope to see you there!


August 5th at 11AM
Letting Aging Happen
Jon Berry
We live in a culture that resists growing older. But just as there is challenge, there is adventure, grace, and joy in every stage of life. Join us as Jon Berry talks about the lessons he’s learned from a year of being with his 92-year-old father in rural Indiana, and how Unitarian Universalist tradition can help us create a new vision of aging.

August 12th at 11AM
A Border or a Bridge?
Rev. Jill Bowden
Topic: Our lives are constructed of relationships that we accept or shut out. When challenges appear we must decide to participate and build a bridge or to turn this ‘border’ into a wall that cuts off communication. Gina Valdes has written: “Hay tantisimas fronteras que dividen a la gente, pero por cada frontera existe tabien un Puente. There are so many borders that divide people, but for every border there is also a bridge.” (translated by Katherine Callen King; from Lifting Our Voices: Readings in the Living Tradition)

August 19th at 11AM
Ethical Non-monogamy
Rev. Mark Cutolo
Long-term romantic relationships in Western culture are assumed to be monogamous: “forsaking all others as long as you both shall live”. Today we’ll explore polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy, and how to understand these forms of interpersonal relationships in terms of ethical behavior from the point of view of liberal religion.

August 26th at 11AM
It’s a Process
Rev. Beth Putnam
Many of us become stressed by wondering how everything will “turn out” and how will things “end up”. It can seem that catastrophe is ahead. Sometimes we are told that it will all work out for the best. At times, we may get anxious, angry or afraid about the future. Rev. Beth Putnam will explore what insight  and hope Process theology may offer for those of us who are living in very uncertain times.