You are warmly invited to join us each week for Sunday morning services beginning at 11AM. Childcare is provided along with religious education for children and youth ages 0-18. Hope to see you there!

June 2nd  at 11AM

Reflections on Three Years Together
Rev. Schuyler Vogel
As the summer approaches, it has been nearly three years since I arrived at Fourth Universalist and became your minister. This Sunday I want to reflect on what I’ve learned, what you’ve taught me, and the joys and challenges of ministry in the city.

Following the service, I hope you will join us for our annual meeting where we will choose our next generation of leaders and discuss exciting changes for next year!


June 9th  at 11AM
Of Pigeons and Weeds
Rev. Schuyler Vogel

There are many things in life that we wish were different. Annoyances small and large that bother us and keep us from the happiness we seek. Today, we’ll explore why these things bother us and how we can make the best of them.

June 16th  at 11AM
Do not say to them even “Fie”

All religions and all societies have given parents an honorable status. From a purely material viewpoint, we find ourselves indebted to our parents. The position of parents and the mutual obligations and responsibilities have been addressed in Islam in great  detail. Chaplain  Dr.  Ahmet Muharrem Atlig He serves as a Chaplain at Manhattan Veterans Hospital and an Imam at Manhattan Turkish Mosque. He is currently the Secretary General of Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) in New York, New York.

June 23rd  at 11AM
What Breaks Us, Makes Us

While none of our lives are free from difficulties or loss, we’ll probe how the resilience, elasticity and power of the human spirit heals us — and guides us back into joy and community. Bio: Rev. Jennifer Pader is a graduate of McGill University, Union Theological Seminary, the Hunter College School of Social Work, and the William Alanson White Institute. For fifteen years, Rev. Pader was the part-time Affiliate Minister for Pastoral Care here at Fourth Universalist, and is excited to be “coming home” for this service. She divides her work and family time between New York and Burlington, Vermont.

June 30th  at 11AM
Stonewall 50

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots- an uprising at a downtown gay bar, which marked the beginning of the fight for civil rights of sexual and gender minorities in our country. We’ll learn about the history of this landmark rebellion, and reflect on the role of gaiety and celebration in what became the fight for legal recognition of GLBTQ people. Be ready to lift your hearts in joy and praise at this service celebrating our rainbow-rich diversity!