You are warmly invited to join us each week for Sunday morning services beginning at 11AM. Childcare is provided along with religious education for children and youth ages 0-18. Hope to see you there!


July 8th at 11AM
Musings on Freedom
Rev. Paula Nance
Ponderings on the irony of freedom…  What does it mean?  How do we practice it?  What does it entail?

July 15th at 11AM
From the Heart
Rev. Jill Bowden
We at Fourth Universalist work to be very conscious of how we ‘are’ with each other. It takes a caring heart and a willingness to know that we don’t know each other’s perspectives to be fully engaged. There is a particular idea called being in a ‘Buddha mind’ that expects each of us to be a beginner when
approaching another person or concept. Come, stand with us in a place of unknowing and open your heart to learn whatever it is that the universe has to teach us, from the heart.

July 22nd at 11AM
Of Many Names and One Abundant Love
Shari Halliday-Quan
Shari is a member of Fourth Universalist, and of all the roles she’s played here and in our wider faith, her most treasured have been serving as a Coming of Age mentor and as a chaplain to the Youth Caucus at General Assembly.
Shari is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and serves as the Youth Group and Coming of Age Coordinator at First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn.

July 29th at 11AM
The Boundries of Love
Rev. Beth Putnam
In this time when so much focus is on what divides us, the Rev. Beth Putnam will explore what the teaching stories of Jesus tell us about where he drew the boundaries of love.